Goals & Curriculum

These curriculum maps are a result of the joint efforts of the sending districts.  As a result, actual timelines may not reflect exact starting points, but they will approximate the annual instruction calendar.  The entire curriculum spirals, providing for continuous reinforcement of previously introduced skills.

Math Curriculum

K-2 Math

Grade 3 Math

Grade 4 Math

Grade 5 Math

Grade 6 Math


Language Arts Curriculum

Language Arts Curriculum Grades K-6


Science Curriculum

Grades K-5

Grade 6


Social Studies

Grades K-6


World Language

Grades 3-5 Spanish

Grades K-6 Spanish


Health & Physical Education

Grades K-6



Grades K-6

Technology Resources



Preschool Curriculum


Visual Performing Arts

Grades K-6

Other Curricula

21st Century Life & Careers